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Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is about driving change. It is about understanding what your customers will need in the future; it is about changing your products and your organisation to meet these future needs; it is about getting ahead of the game and the competition.

And there is no single approach to addressing these challenges. Markets have different characteristics, organisations have different business models and cultures, customer needs are changing at different speeds. Qi3 understands these challenges and we have the battle scars from solving them. Using our extensive experience we have developed a portfolio of methodologies which can be deployed in varying ways to meet individual client needs:

Rapid Market Prototyping (RMP)

Qi3 Rapid Market Prototyping is an iterative process that addresses the complexity underlying a simple business challenge:

  • Which markets should I address?
  • What products will they buy?
  • Why?
  • How do I accelerate sales growth?

It is an iterative process that enables market strategies, product development programmes, ‘go-to-market’ plans, and sales growth strategies to be developed, tested, and implemented with real potential customers in very short timescales.

This revolutionary lean business methodology puts the customer at the heart of these processes, transforming their effectiveness and resulting in faster time to market, more compelling products, and higher sales growth.

For more detail on Rapid Market Prototyping, click here.

Structured Business Development™

Qi3 Structured Business Development™ provides a methodologically sound approach to developing a sound foundation for business performance. Our building blocks include strategy, several layers of market research, go-to-market delivery and sales.

Qi3 has delivered over 200 projects using our unique market research model and business development methodology. We aim to realise the maximum potential of a technology, providing focused insight and qualified prospects for early adoption. Every business situation, technology and market is unique; we carefully tailor the deliverables to match your requirements. This combination of strong methodology, domain expertise and flexible application to individual business needs provides our confidence in delivery across a range of technology and market domains. We also interface directly with field experts, potential end-users and manufacturers to unearth the true value of technology and provide actionable recommendations.

Drive Product Marketing

Our unique methodology gets under the skin of the opportunities for a product/service. We help you to differentiate your products and services by understanding the bite point where great technology finds real market traction. We can help:

    • Research Market Potential
    • Manage Technology & Product Development
    • Build Effective Partnerships

Build Business Strategy

Strategy matters. The success of any business – whether it is a start-up, SME, public body or multi-national company – depends on knowing what business you are in. Success also depends on how effectively a business can adjust to challenges and to change. Our Qi3 Rapid Market Prototyping™ model employs our industry expertise to identify goals and opportunities for your business. We can help:

  • Starting a New Business
  • Acquire technologies and companies
  • Develop a technology & innovation strategy
  • Evaluate programme performance

Examples of our work can be found in our case studies.

“We engaged Qi3 to fill a gap in our Product Management coverage on a multi-faceted and highly technical project. On researching their previous work, we became confident that their experience in other fields would map well to the task at hand. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they grasped our issues and helped us to map a course forward that could be handed over to an in-house Product Manager with ease. Robin Higgons and Mark Littlewood exhibited stellar professionalism and drove the project hard, even when we were unable to focus on it. They always had Elekta’s objectives in mind and delivered on every one of their commitments. I would be pleased to recommend Qi3 to you.”

— Tim Prosser, Director, Oncology Business Line Management at Elekta

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