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Concise Strategy Review

The Challenge

Every few years, companies meet a major turning point in their development. This may be:

  • Major political or economic uncertainty / crisis threatening the business
  • Launch of a new product or market to dramatically change the future of the company
  • Need for further fund raising
  • Desire for an exit by the owners
  • Major change in the management through succession or family change

The management team needs to create a clear strategy that will take the company forward in these new circumstances, but with day to day operations to keep on top of, this can be a daunting task. Finding the mental space and time to see the “wood from the trees” can be really difficult.

The Solution

Qi3 has worked with many companies facing this challenge to guide them through a “market focused” concise strategy review that provides a structured process and enables the management team to discuss the opportunities and threats. Once these are clearly articulated, the creation of different scenarios, development of strategy options and selection of the most appropriate is a far easier task.

To do this in a time and cost efficient way, Qi3 has developed a five-step process. While the detailed programme is tailored to the needs of individual companies, the structure enables management teams to work together effectively to identify different opportunity and threat scenarios and to select the most appropriate strategy for the next stage of the business.

How Does It Work

The concise strategy review programme is  as follows:

This short, “market focused” strategy review will provide management teams with:

  • Opportunity and threat scenarios that could impact the business
  • Outline strategies for exploiting or mitigating the different scenarios
  • Selection of the most appropriate strategy for current circumstances
  • Confidence that the company has appropriate plans to manage in an unpredictable and changing economic and business world

To see more of our work for clients, view our case studies.

How do I get started?

Call Robin Higgons on 01223 422404 or email robin.higgons@qi3.co.uk with your requirements.

“A combination of major new market opportunities and family succession in the management of Spicer Consulting / Algenuity have presented us with some major challenges. We needed a clear strategy to exploit the new market opportunities, protect and develop our existing markets, and engage all our employees during this period of significant transition. Understanding our business and its challenges with remarkable speed, Qi3 guided us through a structured programme of workshops involving all relevant staff that enabled us to agree on the opportunities and threats, gather a wide range of ideas to address them, create a strategy that everyone has bought into, and start developing the implementation plans that will drive the company going forward. Qi3’s guidance has been invaluable and we will be using their services further as we take the company into this new phase.”

— Dr Andrew Spicer, Director, Spicer Consulting / CEO Algenuity

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