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Markets for Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), are emerging and developing at breath-taking speeds. While Drones have been used by the military for years, it is the new civil applications that are taking the markets by storm.

Qi3 has a deep understanding of these markets and the dynamics that will shape their future. We are regular speakers on the subject at conferences and have a wide range of contacts with Drone manufacturers, operators, end users of their services, and academic researchers. Qi3 also has a deep understanding of the sensors & instruments that will be deployed on UAVs to create a wide range of new services and market opportunities.

Drones represent a convergence of markets (civil and defence), technologies (airframes, sensors, data) and organisations (defence, aerospace, sensors & instruments), each bringing different opportunities and capabilities that will shape the future.  These are all areas in which Qi3 has undertaken numerous client projects.

Qi3, Taylor Vinters, and Kestrel Associates have come together to form a unique consortium of expertise, with wide ranging understanding of the challenges and strategies necessary for success in the UAV sector. If you need to:

  • Identify emerging applications and market segments with real traction
  • Understand practical user needs
  • Find connections to service/technology suppliers to meet user needs
  • Develop market exploitation strategies
  • Create business models with maximum growth and profit potential
  • Identifying legal risks and regulatory constraints, and prepare appropriate contracts
  • Understand critical operational requirements
  • Create go-to-market plans

Our team can develop solutions to enable you to rapidly grow, re-structure or diversify your business offering. We offer an unparalleled set of expertise in this rapidly emerging market and can identify new markets, create sound regulatory and contractual positions, map operational challenges and develop commercial solutions to maximise sales and profit growth.

Qi3 is an international technology marketing company with extensive experience of the remote sensing, aerial platforms, space, military, and ground sensing markets.

Taylor Vinter’s technology practice specialises in providing legal advice to a broad spectrum of businesses from start-ups to multinational companies mainly in the IP rich, technology, engineering, manufacturing, & UAV sectors.

Kestrel Associates provides thought leadership and strategic advice to a wide range of companies on civil and military aerospace, defence and homeland security matters.

If you are interested in discussing the Drones market further, then contact Robin Higgons to learn more about Qi3 or call +44 01223 422404.

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