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Scintacor Ltd

Over the past 100 years Scintacor transitioned from being a pioneer in phosphor technologies to a global leader in scintillators for the conversion of different types of radiation into light. Significant new investment in R&D and relocation to a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Cambridge positioned Scintacor to expand their technology portfolio to provide a solution for the future challenges in radiation imaging and detection.

Scintacor products are used in a diverse range of industries and applications, including x-ray imaging, laser alignment and radiation detection. Scintacor was therefore faced with a number of business opportunities arising from different markets, which include medical, security, life science and scientific research to name a few.
How these opportunities should be ranked to build a viable pipeline and maximize the return from the investment in R&D?

The work with Qi3 started with telephone interviewing key market players and thought leaders across the US and the UK, to identify market driver’s specific to each industry and assess the size of each opportunity.

The next step was to review Scintacor’s technology strengths, match them with each market opportunity and map timescales for different business opportunities.

Throughout the project, Qi3 worked closely with the Scintacor management team. This enabled testing Qi3 findings against Scintacor’s market experience at each step and to focus the research where more appropriate and valuable.
The final outcome was a robust pipeline to drive product strategy and future sales growth.

“Qi3 delivered on their promise and provided excellent value for money with their structured and pragmatic approach to business development. We certainly benefited from the insight gained through the extensive network of Robin Higgons and Qi3’s recommendations will be invaluable to deliver the ambitious growth plans of Scintacor”.

— Carlo De Stefanis, Sales Director at Scintacor Ltd

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