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White Papers

The series of our white papers feature analysis of the latest trends in a variety of Industry sectors. It aims to highlight the challenges and to pose solutions for consideration.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Sector

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

‘Growing Markets in a Changing World”

  • Defence Sector:

Diversification by Defence Companies into Civil Markets

‘Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategic Drivers’

  • Space Sector:

Space – The New Frontier

‘Growth Opportunities for Non-Space Companies’

  • Instrumentation Sector:

  • intriguing instrumentation wp

From Sensor to Answer

‘How the Winds of Change are reshaping the Instrumentation Sector’

Intriguing Instrumentation

‘Some lessons from an industry that has

outperformed during the recent recession’

  • Benchmarking Survey ‘Marketing Needs for Technology Companies’

Benchmarking Survey

‘Marketing Needs for Technology Companies’

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