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Qi3 Ventures is a private investor in early stage technology businesses, with an emphasis on hardware, electronics and engineering opportunities in the Space and High Value Manufacturing sectors. Our investments are made on our own account (not as a fund), and we generally coinvest with other angels and associated funds.

Our cash support is as an active Angel investor, working together with Angel Networks and private individuals to participate in seed and early stage / series A funding. Our sweat support is generally offered in return for equity or a convertible loan.

Qi3 Ventures provides interim commercial and technical management; based on Qi3’s highly successful business development methodology. We are seeking companies who need to expand their commercial team, but don’t have sufficient funds to employ expertise full time.

Qi3 Ventures has allocated a significant fund to support a limited number of projects, to ensure that ideas are commercialised to their full potential.


  • Support faster and more effective commercialisation
  • Share risk for clients who need industry and commercial expertise


We will consider investment in a variety of sectors that fit our interests and skill sets. The following sectors represent our current primary foci:

  • Space (space sector and opportunities derived from space technology)
  • High Value Manufacturing and Instrumentation
  • Ecommerce retail businesses with strong management and demonstrated traction

Stages of Investment

Accelerate to Growth

We support companies with established sales who see the opportunity for a step change in growth rate. This change is effected through strategic positioning, energising the business for growth, delivering additional management and sales / marketing resources and provision of expansion finance if required. Our focus is on helping the business to accelerate its growth in a manageable way to enhance shareholder value.

Accelerate to Market

We work with new technology businesses where we can see the route through product development to first sales and strategic alliances. We are able to provide support for business development, project management and company strategy, acting in an executive or non-executive role. We have extensive contacts within organisations seeking novel technologies. Our focus is on building the value of the business as it reaches the critical stage of first revenue.

Accelerate to Investment

Some businesses approach us at an early stage, before they would be considered suitable for investment by  most Angels. In selected cases we will work with companies to prepare them for investment.


We are agnostic about taking a role as an active or passive investor. We are happy to act purely as a passive investor where the company has all the sills and resources it requires. In other situations we provide ad hoc support and contacts, and in several cases provide a full range of hands-on business development support:

  • Our industry experts will work to bring your technology to market
  • We can act as your commercial interface, allowing you to focus on technology, product development and operations
  • We have near unique access to a wide variety of income sources
  • Risk sharing motivates us all to succeed
  • We aim to accelerate your business over a period of 6-24 months, and leave the company strengthened for its next stage of development, including the recruitment of internal resouces
  • We can provide additional services and introductions, such as IP management

Please contact Nathan Hill for a confidential discussion of your requirements.

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