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The Qi3 Ventures process is led by Nathan Hill, Founder and Executive Chairman of Qi3.  Nathan has founded several businesses of his own and supported a multitude of entrepreneurs in their own startups. He has held executive and non-executive directorships and chairmanships. He has invested in over a dozen businesses directly and as a Limited Partner in a Venture Fund. Nathan is a hands-on entrepreneur with 30 years experience in sales, marketing and management of technology businesses.

We are delighted to coinvest on a regular basis with a number of other experienced investors. These include:

  • Paul Anson
  • Tim de Vere Green of Origin Capital

Paul, Tim and Nathan created the original model for Qi3 Ventures and have coinvested on multiple deals.

  • Peter Cowley
  • Synergy Energy
  • Rajat Mulhotra of Wren Capital
  • Richard Tanner

Nathan is an active member of Cambridge Angels and London Business Angels as well as less formal networks. He is a former Director of the UK Business Angels Association.

We understand that investee companies require a variety of technical and commercial support, as well as access to further finance throughout their development stages. We gratefully acknowledge the support of countless technology experts, mentors and coinvestors who work with us to go the extra mile both to evaluate opportunities and then to nurture them towards success.

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