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Qi3 Ventures is the new name for Qi3 Accelerator.

Qi3 Ventures specialises in supporting companies by providing financial investment and supporting rapid commercialisation of their products and services. Qi3 Ventures is suitable for entrepreneurs who know that they need expert and enthusiastic input from our commercial and engineering teams in addition to financial capital. Support is offered to companies in a mixture of cash (money) and business development / technical expertise (sweat).

Experienced investor Nathan Hill coinvests with numerous colleagues, supported by investment analysis and other skills sourced from Qi3 and a network of technology experts and investors, who offer extensive business, technical and engineering expertise. This allows us to form a flexible ad hoc team to evaluate your proposition and then support the business.

Qi3 Ventures is linked to several formal and informal Business Angel networks including Cambridge Angels and London Business Angels.

If you are seeking investment in your venture, please ensure that you have read the Profile, Process and Investment Criteria sections of this web site before approaching us.  We are in particular interested in investments in Space, High Value Manufacturing and Ecommerce as outlined in the Profile section, so please consider carefully whether to approach us if your business is in another field.

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