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Alice: Through the Looking Glass

By Amir Mirza

I was recently reminded of the Lewis Carroll’s story of Alice: Through the Looking Glass. The term looking glass is a kind of poetic name for a mirror. In Alice’s case she was able to miraculously go through the looking glass, after wondering if there was another world on the other side of the mirror.

The reason I recalled this story is that in many ways companies, large and small sometimes need to go through the looking glass if they are to imagine new possibilities or even to understand better their own capabilities. I come across this kind of thing all the time when working with clients. Two recent examples come to mind, the first was a large international company for which we provided insight on opportunities in markets outside of their core business.  They had struggled to do this internally without an external agent. The second was an established smaller business, where we helped them to understand that their real value was not technology but their excellent customer service. This was a conclusion they probably would not have reached alone. In both cases by working closely with these companies we were able to help them convert their true capabilities into market opportunities.

I’ve come to think that in most cases, organisations do actually need independent and unbiased help to understand their true potential when developing their marketing strategy, especially for uncharted waters. So next time your company decides to make a major change, like Alice think about going through the looking glass.

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