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Space – The New Frontier ‘Growth Opportunities for Non-Space Companies’

A new Qi3 Insight paper, ‘Space – The New Frontier’, provides an insiders’ guide to the space sector, enabling space and non-space companies to match their expertise to relevant opportunities for new business.
The UK space industry aims to double its share of the growing world market from 5% – 10%, growing revenues from £7.5bn in 2009 to £40bn by 2030.  The market is split into two segments – upstream and downstream.

Upstream (satellite / launcher / ground station) opportunities include:

  • Deployment of new technologies in space
  • Critical Technology Capability (EU technology independence from US export regulation)
  • Improving Delivery and Operation of Space Systems (smarter, faster, cheaper)
  • Security of the Supply Chain

Downstream (satellite services) opportunities include:

  • Burgeoning market for services deriving part of their data from space assets
  • Consumer and B2B services
  • Location-based services
  • Integrated Applications (clever combinations of data to form value added services)

‘Space – The New Frontier’ discusses these opportunities and the advantages and issues involved in selling to the space sector.  It provides a practical guide to development of marketing and sales strategies.
A summary of the paper is available here (http://www.qi3.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/120618-Exec-summary-of-Space-New-Frontier-wp.pdf)
If you wish to discuss the findings of this report, please feel free to contact Robin Higgons.

 Qi3 offers in-depth, hands-on expertise across the spectrum of marketing and sales activities to help our clients achieve competitive advantage and commercial success. We have developed proprietary working models and methodologies that enable us to uncover critical changes in user needs, develop differentiating market and product strategies, and implement highly effective ‘Go–to-Market’ programmes. So whether you want to investigate new markets for a technology, or find out how to add value to your organisation’s current marketing competences, we can provide a range of services, carefully tailored to suit your business needs.

To see a full copy of the paper please click here.

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