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Qi3 Structured Business Development™

Qi3 Structured Business Development™ provides a methodologically sound approach to developing a sound foundation for business performance. Our building blocks include strategy, several layers of market research, go-to-market delivery and sales.



Qi3 has delivered over 200 projects using our unique market research model and business development methodology. We aim to realise the maximum potential of a technology, providing focused insight and qualified prospects for early adoption. Every business situation, technology and market is unique; we carefully tailor the deliverables to match your requirements. This combination of strong methodology, domain expertise and flexible application to individual business needs provides our confidence in delivery across a range of technology and market domains. We also interface directly with field experts, potential end-users and manufacturers to unearth the true value of technology and provide actionable recommendations.

Ask The Experts
Tailored specifically for companies/institutions who need to gain insight fast, before committing to more detailed business development activities. We incorporate inputs from leading domain experts, and provide intelligence for idea generation.

Market Research
Qi3 has extensive experience in conducting research in a huge range of applications and for a wealth of companies from SME’s to large Corporations to University research centres. We use our unique methodology to evaluate the feasibility and potential applications or markets of a given technology, group of technologies or patent.

Our team has experience in a wide range of technology domains, combined with strong backgrounds in sales and marketing, so we are able to extract the maximum potential of a technology and provide real business insights & qualified prospects for early adoption.

There are generally two stages to our Market Research projects
The first will allow you to decide whether further patenting and R&D costs are justified. At the second stage, we go into greater detail to reveal, for example:

  • Market forces and segmentation
  • Market growth forecast
  • Best entry strategy
  • How to achieve early sales
  • Identify target companies for early sales and collaborative development

Our approach allows us to focus on real customers and strategic partners, and have led to many examples of successful commercialisation.

Qi3 provides hands-on sales support to help you to meet your commercial objectives, offering real sales and marketing support for growing businesses. Our team of experienced sales, marketing and managing directors, led by a senior member of staff can help to deliver sales and marketing resources tailored to your needs. Activity can be set or flexible, ramping up around bursts of activity such as trade shows. Qi3 has successfully supported numerous companies in this way. Please see our case studies section for examples. We would be pleased to discuss your needs in detail and to provide references.

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