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Starting a new business

Our proven business models have been developed to help university, entrepreneurial start-up and buy-out companies to start a new business or spin out. We are well-placed to help businesses identify initial sales, and have extensive experience and industry-specific knowledge to support businesses through training, mentoring and coaching.

Starting a new business/ Spinout formation

We have real life experience in forming new companies. This may be a university or entrepreneurial start-up, a business formed by acquisition, merger or management buy out.
The team’s experience has included acting on behalf of corporate entities supporting entrepreneurs, Universities and institutes, and setting up our own businesses.
Qi3 can formulate business models, develop the business plan, assess and support management team building and devise the ‘go to market’ strategy.  Our Qi3 Accelerator venture activity and long experience in corporate acquisition and University spinout formation provides us with practical insights into the attributes required by a business in securing initial sales and investment.

Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship

Some people think that entrepreneurship is an innate quality, others that it can be developed through training.  We are of the view that the contributions of all team members can be encouraged and brought to bear within a business.  This is particularly relevant where technological and commercial innovation need to be blended to create market success.

Our corporate careers were based around corporate intrapaneurship and now we’re entrepreneurs!  We can help coach and mentor teams in essential entrepreneurial skills.
While we are not a traditional training organisation we are often asked to deliver training, coaching and mentoring services to entrepreneurial teams involved in high technology because:

  • We are experienced technology business managers. We have developed tens of start-ups / spinouts ourselves, executed licenses as buyers and sellers and established hundreds of collaborative R&D partnerships
  • We are experienced practitioners in Knowledge Transfer
  • We work as ‘doers’ not just ‘preachers’
  • We have a successful track record!

We have real expertise in providing:

  • Well-known methodologies for elements such as team-building
  • Specific Qi3 methodologies based upon our day-to-day experiences
  • Building skills in participants that are transferable to their everyday work

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