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Key Account Sales

In business to business sales, the formation of relationships and early sales with key strategic customers is often vital.  There may be a handful of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to sell to, specific regional reference customers, or funding bodies to convince.  Some strategic relationships become enduring channels to market, or even to later acquisition.

Qi3 staff are skilled in establishing enterprise level contacts and developing them into enduring relationships. We can bring together all commercial functions to accelerate your sales. Qi3 Rapid Market Prototyping™ helps organisations to improve their marketing activities and achieve a competitive advantage.

Successes for our clients have included:

  • Securing early stage R&D contracts
  • Putting together a successful UK bid consortium for a US company
  • Selling >£0.5m evaluation licences for an IP portfolio in the USA, Japan and the UK
  • Introducing a new technology to 6 or the world’s 7 major OEMs, and securing a deal with one
  • Building sales from scratch to £2+m per annum

Sales (pioneer sales, rapid sales growth, building the sales pipeline, selling collaborative R&D)

Qi3 offers hands-on business development support and fully comprehensive analysis and advice to help our clients achieve their commercial objectives.

Performance Management and Metrics

Sales and Marketing organisations need metrics to measure and incentivise performance, but poorly thought out metrics can drive undesired behaviour.

  • Qi3 can support performance metric design and implementation to help motivate the entire team to achieve both personal and corporate targets.
  • Qi3 assists companies with licensing or sale of their intellectual property (patents, etc.). For many companies, an advantageous strategy is to license intellectual property to non core markets, providing a revenue stream that pays for further product and market development of core products.

This service can include:

  • Assessment of readiness to license (development stage, know-how status, etc.)
  • Resolution of issues in the manufacturing chain, e.g. identification of manufacturing partners
  • Initial ‘Technology Market Evaluation’ to identify potential applications, markets and target licensees (leading to the formulation of a licensing strategy)
  • Approach and presentation of the IP to target licensees
  • Negotiation of commercial licence terms
  • The drafting of licence agreements and subsequent negotiation to agreement execution

Training & Mentoring

While we are not a traditional training organisation we are often asked to deliver training, coaching and mentoring services to a wide range of teams including:

  • Researchers in academia and industry who want to learn about effective partnership building
  • Product marketing staff engaged in technology collaboration and acquisition
  • Senior commercial staff requiring tailored coaching / mentoring

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