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Ask The Experts

“We are looking at transferring our technology to a new market area… What does the market think?”

From time to time, organisations need to find something out quickly.  It might be to test out an idea, or to find an answer to a pressing question so that a problem can be resolved. Whatever it is, further insight is required so that a decision can be made and the right direction taken.

To fill this need, Qi3 created the ‘Ask The Experts’ service. Key Opinion Leaders with relevant knowledge and expertise (from both industry and academia) are consulted across relevant technology and market areas and their inputs combined with data from Qi3’s knowledge base and our commercial expertise to give our client rapid and high quality feedback.

Who might need to use Ask The Experts?
Ask The Experts is tailored specifically for people who need to gain insight fast, but don’t want to commit to a large costly project. The service can help inform early thinking on issues such as business strategy, new ideas, problem solving etc. – basically, it answers your questions.
Ask The Experts is suitable for:

  • Established businesses
  • University/ Institute supported start-ups
  • Corporate venturing
  • Due diligence checks

How long does it take?
The typical programme time is 2 weeks, from validation of the questions to be addressed. Analysis of expert input and other secondary sources of information is undertaken and incorporated into the overall results.

How does Ask The Experts work?
We start by understanding the key question that needs answering and the relevant market segments. Following agreement with the client on the questions to be asked, we identify and interview as least five appropriate Key Opinion Leaders (academics and industry). Their feedback is synthesised with information from Qi3’s knowledge base and our commercial expertise to give key insights and recommendations on the question addressed. Main findings will include a synopsis of interviews accompanied by confidence ratings. This will be provided in PowerPoint format to give a precise and clear result.

The initial insight gained from Ask The Experts can then form a basis for further stages of Qi3’s Market Research or Rapid Market Prototyping™.

Why Qi3?
Market discovery and validation requires properly targeted inputs from external domain experts, synthesised with a strong methodology. We have experience across many market domains and access to associates, partners, and Key Opinion Leaders with expertise in multiple technical areas, allowing us to provide fast, high quality feedback.

How do I get started?

Call Robin Higgons on 01223 422404 or email robin.higgons@qi3.co.uk with your requirements.

To download Ask The Experts leaflet in PDF format, please click here.

“We commissioned Qi3 to undertake a sense test on the commercial potential for data based on chemical composition of oat crops using its ‘Ask the Experts’ approach. This involved a careful redefinition of the key questions to be addressed, following which Qi3 delivered a brief but insightful report, including the perspectives of five domain experts within days. ‘Ask the Experts’ should be a useful early triage for commercialisation projects in University commercialisation offices.”

Aberystwyth University

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