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Finance technology and innovation strategy

Innovation is the key to driving growth and competitive advantage in today’s economy. It is also the most effective way to increase profitability and growth. Qi3 has extensive experience across a full range of challenges facing organisations wanting to become more resourceful in terms of innovation activities.
We can help you with:

  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Strategy

Project Management

It is important for us as a business development organisation to feel confident that the products and technologies we sell on our clients’ behalf are at a satisfactory Technology Readiness Level.  If you need additional support to put your product development on track, we can help you.

Qi3 provides project management support to PRINCE II or equivalent.  We have skilled project managers within Qi3, and several Associate individuals and companies who provide technology / product development project management.

Portfolio Strategy

One of our specialisms is product / service portfolio strategy.  We analyse the performance of the current product portfolio and work with you to set overall business ambitions.  We then produce detailed options for the current product portfolio and parameters for new products required to fill the gap.

Qi3 has had great success in rigorous application of this methodology to generate highly profitable accelerated organic growth in established businesses.  The technique is also applicable to businesses that are developing away from dependence on a narrow product market base.

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