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The Centre for EO Instrumentation and Space Technology (CEOI-ST) Hosts its Fourth Biennial Technology Showcase in London

On Thursday, November 13th, The Centre for EO Instrumentation and Space Technology (CEOI-ST) hosted its Fourth Biennial Technology Showcase at Hamilton House in London. This year’s event was organised by Qi3, as a part of industry engagement programme and brought together over 80 delegates from a wide variety of industries, institutions and government for an exciting morning which included a schedule of formal presentations, exhibitions and networking.

The event provided a great opportunity to catch up with the latest Earth observation (EO) instrumentation technologies and highlighted potential areas for licensing, collaboration and supply.

Following an introductory talk on the CEOI-ST, future technology challenges and collaborative opportunities from Mick Johnson, Director of CEOI-ST, the seven speakers delivered presentations on:

  • Optical and Quantum Technologies for Earth Observation at the European Space Agency (Bruno Leone – ESA)
  • Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar technologies and product generation – Relevance to Spaceborne Systems (Geoff Burbidge – Airbus DS Ltd)
  • Adhesive free bonding: from academic origin to industrial application (Christian Killow – University of Glasgow)
  • UK Technology Development for Spaceborne Atmospheric Limb-Sounding Missions (Brian Moyna – STFC RALSpace)
  • New UK developments in THz technology for Earth observation (Edmund Linfield – University of Leeds; Simon Rea – STFC RALSpace)
  • ESA Technology Transfer Activities within the UK (Matthew Edwards – ESA TTO)

The event was highly interactive, and opened opportunities for the future collaborations.

Presentations from CEOI-ST Space Technology Showcase and further information about the CEOI-ST and its technologies can be found via the following link.

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