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Qi3 helps business – ‘Feasibility Studies in Innovation in Space’

In January 2011, the TSB will open a new competition for funding, investing up to £2m in ‘Feasibility Studies in Innovation in Space’.  The aim is to stimulate innovation across the space industry, ensuring that small and micro businesses in the UK are well equipped to respond to society’s greatest current and future challenges.

The competition builds on the growth opportunities identified in the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy, and will exploit the facilities and open innovation culture of the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC).

The TSB will fund up to 75% (up to £25,000) for each feasibility study which can be collaborative or carried out by a single company

For full details please click here.

Qi3 has considerable heritage in space technology, covering many aspects of Satellite Telecommunications, Sensing, Position, Navigation and Timing, Robotics and Exploration.  We have undertaken numerous assessments of technology commercialisation opportunities in the institutional and commercial, upstream and downstream sectors.

Qi3 offers to help companies who want to submit applications for TSB funding through the Advanced Instrumentation Group of the ESP Knowledge Transfer Network.  We can help you navigate through the submission process, to submit a successful application.  The competition opens on 10 January 2011 and closes at midday on 10 February 2011.   Let us work with you to stay ahead of the game and develop your application now.

For more information contact robin.higgons@qi3.co.uk

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