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Repositioning of a technology leader

In September 2001 Danfysik A/S of Denmark purchased the beamline business from Oxford Instruments, creating a new subsidiary, Oxford Danfysik. Following this purchase Oxford Danfysik wanted to reposition itself as part of the Danfysik Group. In terms of product strategy they also wanted to be seen as a deliverer of beamline components and assemblies as well as complete beamlines.

Qi3’s Jonathan Gold worked as part of the Danfysik team throughout this repositioning. We were able to applying our marketing knowledge and expertise, as well as our experience in selling substantial scientific and analytical instrumentation to universities.

Our activities with Danfysik involved several key phases: the creation of a marketing communications strategy, the implementation of that strategy and the production of a marketing campaign. The implementation and campaign included production of an integrated website and associated launch mailing. This repositioning project was undertaken in collaboration with Oxford Danfysik’s management team, and was designed to be effective against the aggressive marketing being employed by two competitors.

The core of this strategy was to improve the communication between Danfysik and its target audiences. Qi3 defined and segmented these audiences creating various models. These were later used to develop individually targeted strategies and messages for each audience.

This kind of work can only be accomplished if you have a deep understanding of the product and marketplace. We aided Danfysik by carrying out a pre-selection process for a new design agency while involving them in the final selection.

Nigel Boulding, Managing Director of Oxford Danfysik commented; “Qi3 was a valuable partner in our re-launch, they helped us to look at ourselves in a new way and improved our communication and marketing strategies. We have been able to reposition and reinforce our market position as a leader in the field of synchrotron beamlines”.

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