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Qi3 Supports NERC Environmental Monitoring Knowledge Exchange Policy

Qi3 has been asked to support the NERC Strategy and Partnerships Directorate in developing its economic impact policy and strategy in the field of Environmental Monitoring.  This is one of a number of actions that NERC is undertaking to support its goal of increased economic impact of NERC research.


Nathan Hill, Qi3’s Managing Director is leading the activity.  In this context he has many years of industrial experience in analytical instrumentation and the space industry.  Qi3 already has close links with NERC, being one of the partners in the NERC-sponsored Sensors & Instrumentation Knowledge Transfer Network, which has an Environmental Monitoring group.  It also delivers the Knowledge Exchange programme for the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation and joint ESA-TSB activities on Integrated Applications.


Nathan will be meeting people within NERC, across the seven science themes, and in NERC Research Centres, Collaborative Centres, Universities and industry.


Whilst primarily focused on business development and technology commercialisation, Qi3 offers several services to the public sector in the field of innovation.  These include development and delivery of Knowledge Exchange Programmes, evaluation and acceleration of spinout opportunities, commercialisation training for academics and Knowledge Exchange professionals and policy support.


In the Environmental domain, Qi3 has considerable experience in environmental monitoring instrumentation, remote sensing and commercial applications of the resulting data.  Recent work for public sector and private clients has included microbiological systems, photonics technologies, spectroscopy, and large scale 4 dimensional sensor systems for environmental monitoring. To find out more about Qi3’s work in the Environment and Sustainability sector, please contact Robin Higgons at robin.higgons@qi3.co.uk or 01223 422404.


Please feel free to contact Nathan at nathan.hill@qi3.co.uk and telephone 020 7812 7164 / 07976 707246.


For press information contact:

Tamsin Henderson

Qi3, St Johns’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 422404 email: Tamsin.henderson@qi3.co.uk


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