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Qi3 supports imaging sensors conference for PPARC

The Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC), with the help of Qi3 as industry coordinator, is holding an Active Pixel Sensors workshop on the 23rd March 2004 at the Institute of Physics, London.

Nathan Hill, Managing Director of Qi3 said “The workshop offers a rare opportunity for industrialists and academics engaged in sensor related work to network, compare needs and capabilities, and explore possibilities for collaboration.”

PPARC funds UK research, education and training in its four broad areas of science – particle physics, astronomy, solar system science and particle astrophysics. In the pursuit of its research aims the PPARC community develops technologies at, or beyond, the state of the art.

The advance of solid state detectors has been a key enabling technology within these scientific areas over the past decade. A number of novel sensor systems have now been deployed, and new detector development programmes are underway to support the next generation of experiments within these areas.

PPARC is working to ensure that industry is aware of this technology, and has every opportunity to share in its development and exploitation. The Active Pixel Sensors workshop is a one-day technology exchange intended to a) provide a forum for developing closer links between PPARC-funded research groups and businesses / other academic groups, and b) to explore real industry and academic requirements which could be satisfied by PPARC research groups.

Speakers from BAE Systems, E2V Technologies, CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UMIST, Imperial College, the University of Liverpool, and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine will present their experiences, requirements and specifications for novel sensors. Applications to be covered will include: healthcare, life sciences, defence, security, synchrotrons and Earth Observation. Parallel breakout sessions are planned to discuss requirements in individual application areas.

Plenty of time will be available for discussion and networking, and participants are encouraged to display technical / commercial posters, and literature at the Technology Exchange.

The draft programme for this event can be seen on the PPARC website at www.pparc.ac.uk/In/Events.asp, with registration taking place via an online form that can be accessed at www.qi3.co.uk/aps.

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