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Qi3 Launches Ask The Experts and Qi3 Rapid Market Prototyping™ Services

Qi3 is introducing two new services – Ask The Experts and Qi3 Rapid Market Prototyping™ – which revolutionise innovation management and new product introduction. These services help companies achieve faster payback and risk deferral while bringing new product and service concepts to the market.

“Our customers are looking for rapid ways to understand the potential of their product in the market place, as well as faster payback,” said Nathan Hill, Qi3 founder. “Ask The Experts and Qi3 Rapid Market Prototyping™ address these issues and help businesses to integrate their marketing, sales and technology – ultimately, we help to provide ever-increasing certainty of success”

Ask The Experts provides rapid feedback on concept viability. The service is intended to deliver intelligence and insight into idea generation. It combines market research with strategy and analysis, incorporating input from leading experts in multiple disciplines.

Qi3 Rapid Market Prototyping™ combines product market research with market/sales testing in rapid, iterative cycles. It is an alternative to the Qi3 Structured Business Development™ methodology and an evolutionary step from the linear Customer Development Model. One special feature is that Qi3 Rapid Market Prototyping™ brings ‘guerrilla marketing’ Customer Discovery tactics into play, iteratively generating and market testing until traction is generated.

“In dynamic, unpredictable environments, funds are tight, and fast payback and confidence are required. Early commercial traction using this new methodology will help businesses to boost their confidence,” said Robin Higgons, Qi3 Managing Director.

For further information, please call Nathan Hill on +44 (0)20 7925 1992 / +44 (0)1223 422404 or email nathan.hill@qi3.co.uk

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