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Qi3 joins the graphene revolution

Qi3 has been appointed by The University of Manchester to support the industrialisation of graphene through its National Graphene Institute (NGI). Nathan Hill, Qi3’s founder and chairman, will lead the activity as the NGI Business Development and Strategy Director with research support from the Cambridge team.

The isolation of graphene by Sir Andre Geim and Sir Kostya Novoselov in 2004 rapidly led to award of a Nobel Prize in 2010. The commercialisation opportunities are extensive, and Manchester has hosted hundreds of industrial visitors and engaged in over twenty partnerships, with industry keen to exploit the properties of this new material. Nathan’s goals are to support the NGI in developing UK and international leadership in the research, engineering and production of graphene-based materials.

Commenting on the appointment, Nathan said: “Having lived through the development cycle of superconductor and semiconductor materials and devices, working with the great team and resources at Manchester was too good an opportunity to miss. Qi3 has extensive experience in technology commercialisation and links with all of the UK universities working in the field. Our core expertise in sensors, instrumentation, electronics and software for industry, healthcare and the environment is underpinned by advances in novel materials technologies such as graphene. I’m very much looking forward to supporting the next stage of making graphene a powerhouse for further research, manufacturing and jobs in Manchester”.

Professor Colin Bailey, Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, added: “Nathan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of dealing with industry, and we are delighted to welcome him to the University.

“His expertise will prove invaluable in attracting some of the world’s foremost companies to work with the National Graphene Institute on creating the next generation of graphene applications.”

Further information about the National Graphene Institute is available at: http://www.graphene.manchester.ac.uk/

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