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Qi3 Helps L-3 Communications Secure Major MOD Contract

L-3 Communications – the $14 billion New York based prime contractor in aircraft modernisation and maintenance – has recently announced that it has been successful in its bid for a Ministry of Defence contract valued at £46 million. The contract is for a system to provide real-time intelligence capability to the MOD and its operational forces.

Qi3 Director and defence specialist Nigel Day was part of the successful bid team strengthening the commercial offering by providing advice and input on the content and approach of the bid, including the important ‘best and final offer’ stage.

Under the contract, L-3 will provide programme management, system design, platform integration and systems engineering over 15 years, with a projected contract value in excess of £70 million. L-3 has committed to perform at least 75 percent of the effort in the U.K.

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View L-3 press release.

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