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Qi3 founder Nathan Hill speaks on International Licensing in Tokyo Conference

Nathan Hill, founder of Qi3, was invited as a plenary speaker at the International Patent Licensing Seminar in Tokyo. He was asked to speak about the challenges to public sector institutes who wish to licence technology internationally.

The International Patent Licensing Seminar attracted over 3,000 delegates from all over the world. Other plenary talks were delivered by a number of Japanese and international speakers including Mikio Sasaki, President of Mitsubishi Corporation, Henry Chesbrough from UC Berkeley, Michael Wasserman from the Innovation Foundation in Toronto and Catherine Garner from AUTM / MIHR.

The talk, entitled ‘The Challenge of Commercialising Technology from Higher Education Institutions’ covered the practical issues involved in developing a stream of income from licensing technologies developed in research institutes. A key message was that the emphasis on market investigation and demand creation still comes far too late in the process. “We see the market research phase as being of great relevance in determining the appropriate business model for commercialisation”, said Nathan Hill. “If conducted properly, this activity will lead to saved costs of technology development and protection of intellectual property. At Qi3, we always use this phase to develop sales leads which can be progressed once the decisions on the best route to commercialisation have been decided”. In recent projects, Qi3 has created major licensing and strategic alliance opportunities for its clients through just such an approach. “We try to make our outputs look more like a qualified sales pipeline than a sterile set of recommendations” says Hill.

Qi3 specialises in the commercialisation of technology in three sectors; the corporate venturing arms of large companies, government research laboratories / universities and international institutions, and sales and marketing support for technology start-up businesses. Each of these client bases shares a common need for action-oriented technical sales and marketing skills.

A synopsis of Nathan’s talk is available as a downloadable PDF file.

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