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Qi3 Coordinates the DTI GlobalWatch Information Technology Mission in Distributed Applications

Qi3 is pleased to announce the successful completion of the DTI Globatch mission to CERN (the European Particle Physics laboratory) on Distributed Applications.

Mission participants, who included some of the UK’s leading IT, telecommunications, engineering and bioinformatics organisations, returned home from a packed three-day programme tired but full of enthusiasm for the new technologies and applications they had seen.

A unique aspect of this mission was that it was also the first to be organised by a private company. Qi3 has built a reputation for effective ‘technology translation’ between public and private sectors, and the spinout creation / licensing of a variety of technologies. With strong links with the IT and Technology Transfer Departments at CERN and the UK IT and technology translation networks Qi3 was the ideal organisation to coordinate this mission.

The mission report will be launched in the afternoon of the 16th September at the Church House Conference Centre, Westminster.

The meeting will include keynote speeches from, amongst others, Lord Sainsbury, Minister for Science and Innovation, Maximilian Metzger, Secretary General of CERN, and Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith, Director of Fusion at UKAEA and former Director General of CERN. Further information on this event is available at http://www.pparc.ac.uk/in/cern50.asp.

One outcome of the mission is that it is clear that CERN / particle physics and industry share a problem in security on distributed network resources and Grids. A meeting on this subject is being organised for the 14th October 2004 (please visit the PPARC website at www.pparc.ac.uk/In/Events.asp for regular updates). A number of partnerships with CERN in this area are already under development.

This was the first DTI GlobalWatch mission to CERN but we hope by no means the last. The UK can benefit in numerous different areas from the technology advances occurring at CERN, which have only been possible as a result of CERN’s scale and multinational membership.

“I would like to mention that my colleagues and I found the mission to CERN very useful. We look forward to developing a strategic relationship with CERN. Also it was a great pleasure to meet all the mission delegates.” Harry Makatsoris, Orion Logic.

If you would like further information on technology developments at CERN please feel free to contact Nathan Hill for a confidential discussion at Tel: +44 (0)1223 422405 or email: nathan.hill@qi3.co.uk

DTI GlobalWatch missions are visits overseas by small groups of technical experts from UK companies and academia to top-performing technology organisations. Missions are mounted to inform and increase the competitiveness of high-tech UK industries. Further information on DTI GlobalWatch is available at: www.globalwatchonline.com

CERN is one of the world’s most prestigious research centres. It has always been at the forefront of computing and networking technology, for example the World Wide Web was invented at CERN in 1989. The aim of this mission was to study techniques for developing distributed systems over homogeneous and heterogeneous computing resources and to look at specific examples of applications implemented using such computational clusters. Further information about CERN is available at: www.cern.ch

Profiles of the mission participants can be viewed here.

Further information on the launch of the report can be viewed here.

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