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Qi3 chairs masterclass on manufacturing RFID

New Qi3 team member David Jenkins is to chair a masterclass on manufacturing RFID at the Smart Labels Europe exhibition.
Smart Labels Europe is now in its sixth year and covers the biggest RFID challenge today – implementing RFID systems. Users will present their experiences, and experts and system integrators will tell you how to successfully implement and benefit from the technology. This years show is being held between the 19th & 22nd of September in Cambridge, England.

Four masterclasses will be held at this years show on RFID, Smart Packaging, Manufacturing RFID Labels, Tickets & Cards, and Printed Electronics. Each masterclass will give delegates the chance to handle samples, see demonstrations, and hear detailed presentations.

David’s masterclass will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding the tag production value chain
  • Evaluation of the choices for manufacturing complete RFID labels, tickets and cards
  • Manufacturing RFID tag antennas: technologies, performance and cost
  • Substrates, inks and adhesives: suppliers, costs and performance
  • Chip attach options
  • Analysis of routes to high volume manufacture
  • Applying RFID to products: required throughput, testing and finish
  • Major players, emerging players and unsatisfied needs i.e. opportunities

Further information on Smart Labels Europe 2005 and the associated masterclasses is available at: http://www.idtechex.com/smartlabelseurope05/en/masterclass.asp

David Jenkins said “Attendees of this masterclass should leave with a full understanding of what’s possible and what’s not in the world of RFID manufacturing. There’s plenty of technology available today but the big killer applications are not yet emerging. The big issues appear to be basic cost of the RFID components and the willingness of the end –users to go ahead. Most people in between are just about ready!”

David Jenkins and Qi3 have been asked to get involved in this event because of their experience with companies both manufacturing RFID products and implementing RFID based systems. Qi3 is working with IDTechEx to involve exponents of best of class manufacturing to participate in this masterclass.

David Jenkins is an international Sales and Marketing Director with over 20 years experience working for leading global companies in Europe, the US and Asia / Pacific including Japan. He has extensive knowledge of the oil and chemicals industries having worked for Dow Chemical, Shell International, FMC Corporation and Mobil Oil. He also has extensive knowledge of the Printing Industry having worked for Linx Printing Technologies, and Willett International.

David joined Qi3 in 2005 to lead activity in the manufacturing and engineering sector.

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