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Qi3 awarded further contract for Joint ESA-TSB Integrated Applications UK Activity

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) have established a 12 month work plan that will deliver a sustainable framework for Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) activity at the new ESA UK Centre in Harwell. It will establish the process for UK companies to exploit the IAP programmatic opportunity.


Qi3 has been awarded a framework contract by ESA to explore the potential capability to leverage on the IAP programme for the benefit of the stakeholders. TSB will complement this effort.


In particular, this will include liaison with companies, academic groups and government agencies to establish their capabilities, and document these in a UK-wide database. Further work will identify potential institutional or commercial partners/stakeholders of IAP and will explore the opportunity for IAP solutions to the challenges being tackled by the TSB Innovation Platforms. 


A UK workshop on IAP will be held at Harwell in November to bring together a wide cross section of potential IAP partners and stakeholders. Qi3 will also provide a link between the Harwell Case for IAP and the Space Innovation and Growth Team, and will work with the Technology Strategy Board’s Knowledge Transfer Networks to ensure dialogue across industry sectors.  Numerous organisations in the space sector have already developed strong views on the direction of IAP, and  Qi3 will work with all interested parties to bring together these perspectives, and maximise the opportunity presented by this innovative programme.


An Ambassadorship role for the IAP programme has also been envisaged in Harwell.


For further information, please contact Nathan Hill nathan.hill@qi3.co.uk and 020 7812 7164


The Technology Strategy Board lead for IAP is Michael Lawrence


The ESA Project Manager for “ESA the Harwell Case for IAP” is Domenico Giunta.



Background Notes


Integrated Applications Promotion Programme

The BNSC lead partner for this unit at Harwell is the Technology Strategy Board (TSB)


At the 2008 ESA Ministerial Conference, the UK subscribed 121M€ to the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Programme (ARTES) including 14M€ to the new Integrated Applications Promotion Programme


What Are Integrated Applications?




The goal of the Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme is the ‘development of operational services for a wide range of users through the combination of at least two different space assets’. To achieve this, the following guidelines have been defined:


1. Promotion of space applications to a wider range of users, especially those who are not aware of the benefits that space technologies can bring;

2. Development of new operational services for these users, involving a broader participation of actors on both the demand and supply sides;

3. Use of at least two existing and different space assets (e.g. Satellite Communications, Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation, Human Spaceflight technologies, etc);

4. Cross-fertilisation across sectors (Health, Energy, Transport, Security, Climate …), together with the development of a consistent approach across Integrated Applications initiatives, to make them efficient and cost-effective.

The IAP Programme is thus focused on turning space data into everyday applications – bringing space down to Earth. This is a goal precisely aligned to both BNSC and ESA space policy. In time, it is expected that new businesses will be created as a result of the programme.


Is the UK already involved?



Yes. A number of IAP projects involving UK companies are already underway or under negotiation.


What sort of IAP activity is planned for Harwell?


1. ‘The Harwell Case’

ESA IAP team and the Technology Strategy Board have established a twelve month plan to define a sustainable framework for IAP activity at Harwell: in other words, what will happen, when and who does what. But some things are already clear.


2. Ambassadorship

ESA at Harwell will carry out an ambassadorial role to champion and promote UK IAP activity and play an ‘honest broker’ role to bring potential users of space technology together with capable suppliers of technology. The ambition is to ensure that the UK economy gets the maximum value out of the government’s investment in the IAP Programme.


3. Innovation Platforms

ESA will be working with the Technology Strategy Board to align some IAP activity with the TSB’s ‘Innovation Platforms’. The aim will be to exploit the potential of space technology to provide practical solutions to the long term societal challenges which are at the heart of TSB’s Innovation Platforms.


4. Space Innovation and Growth Team

ESA and TSB will work together on pilot studies and ways of working that will support the ambitions of the recently launched UK Space ‘Innovation and Growth Team’ (Space IGT). This will provide the IGT with some suggestions for new ways to create innovative applications of space technology. Both ESA and BNSC are very keen to establish approaches that enable space and non space companies to work together.


For further information about Qi3’s activities in the Space sector, see Space or contact Nathan Hill.


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