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Qi3 are Technology Champions

Qi3 is pleased to announce that we have recently been appointed as the Technology Champions for the £100 million Research Councils Basic Technology Research Programme.

This programme is a cross Council endeavour concerned with funding research that will establish a UK technology research capability, revolutionise the way we do science and underpin the industrial base of the future. Further information on the Research Councils and the Basic Technology Research Programme is available at: http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/ & http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/basictech/ respectively.

Nathan Hill of Qi3 said “This is a very prestigious programme for Qi3 to be involved in. A pot of over £100 million has been made available to fund successful proposals across all the Research Council disciplines; which range from physics and engineering, to life and earth sciences. Qi3’s role as Technology Champions will be to promote the Basic Technology Research Programme throughout all of these academic and research communities. We will encourage new consortia building, facilitate interactions between the different research communities, and provide assistance and guidance to the academic community to enable them to submit high quality proposals to the programme for funding.”

Qi3 were appointed as the Technology Champions after winning a tender process against some high calibre competition.

Ken Green of Qi3 said “With the interests of the UK Physical, Life and Earth Science communities at stake, our scientific backgrounds in various different disciplines, and our experience with technology translation activities are certainly an advantage. At Qi3 we are renowned for our ability to work the interfaces between scientists, technology developers and users. We are able to understand and translate the technological needs of the academic community, and provide appropriate assistance. Our philosophy with this programme is to build collaborative partnerships between interdisciplinary teams. That means representing the interests of all the science communities involved and understanding how to exploit future technology developments to underpin their science goals.”

Qi3 specialises in the commercialisation of technology, working with government departments, universities, multinational organisations, and large and small scale technology companies. Qi3 has built a reputation for effective technology translation between public and private sectors, spinout creation, licensing, and sales and marketing for high-tech corporations.

Further information on Qi3 is available on our website at: www.qi3.co.uk

If you would like to arrange a confidential discussion with Qi3 in regards to the Basic Technology Research Programme please contact us at: 01223 422407, or by email at: bt@qi3.co.uk. If you would like to discuss our other activities please contact Nathan Hill at: 01223 422404, or by email at: nathan.hill@qi3.co.uk

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