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Qi3 Accelerator Call for Seed Investment Proposals Opens for Engineering Businesses

Qi3 Accelerator, the UKBAA’s Early Stage Team of the Year 2012, is pleased to announce its open call for proposals for seed investment in Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) eligible companies. The Qi3 Accelerator Syndicate has committed up to £400,000 to invest in suitable businesses.

Areas of interest: This call aims to primarily target technology-based manufacturing and engineering businesses, supplying sectors such as cleantech, healthcare/ life sciences, aerospace, space and engineering industry and security. Whilst The Qi3 Accelerator Syndicate also encourages seed stage companies in other areas to apply, it will not consider biotech, FMCG and e-businesses.

Our blog describes our investment interests and style.

Eligibility: This call for proposals is issued by Qi3 Accelerator as a syndicate of co-investing parties. Applicants must ensure that their businesses qualify for SEIS relief. The key requirements include:

  • The company must be unquoted at the time of share issuance.
  • The company must have fewer than 25 employees.
  • The company must have no more than £200, 000 in gross assets.
  • The company must not have any investment from a Venture Capital Trust (VCT)
  • The company is restricted to raising up to £150,000 under SEIS
  • Relevant traded shares must be less than two years old at the date of application.
  • The company must not have carried on any other trade before it started to carry on new trade.

Detailed information about SEIS is available on the HMRC website

Selection Criteria: Qi3 Accelerator uses a defined evaluation methodology to select investment projects, and consideration will be given to good businesses with strong investment propositions. Typically, there are three main questions:

a. Is there a sensible business proposition with a strong, committed team?

b. Does the business excite us as investors (does it fit our sector interests and do we like the entrepreneurs)?

c. Do the investment proposition and financial returns make sense?

For more details, please visit our website

How to apply: Please submit a summary of your business plan (up to 4 pages) to Nathan Hill, following the guidelines provided on our website

Please contact Nathan Hill for further information.

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