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Qi3 Accelerates Companies to Profit

Qi3 announces the launch of its Accelerator programme – a new service which supports companies to rapidly commercialise their products; achieving early sales without the expense of full time staff, loss of equity or the payment of high upfront fees. 


The Qi3 Accelerator is a new way of providing interim sales and marketing management; based on Qi3’s highly successful VACME! methodology.  We are seeking companies, who need to expand their commercial team, but don’t have sufficient funds to employ expertise full time.  Qi3 has allocated a significant fund to support a limited number of projects, to ensure that ideas are commercialised to their full potential.  For a small monthly retainer, Qi3 will provide a full commercial business development service over a 1-2 year period.  The rest of our remuneration will be based on business success.


This approach only works with companies where Qi3 adds significant value, so we have stringent selection criteria.  Qi3 works as an integral part of your team, so have to be sure that all partners can work together.  The product concept must be robust and fit Qi3’s domain expertise, the IP must be protected, and the market size and growth rate must be suitable for effective commercialisation.  This service is suitable for established companies seeking rapid sales growth and for newly established businesses that are near to market. Full details of the selection and investment criteria are available on the Qi3 website – www.qi3.co.uk


On the launch of Qi3 Accelerator Nathan Hill, Qi3 Managing Director said “This is an exciting time.  So many young companies fail because they don’t have the means to put their sales and marketing team in place at the right stage to achieve early sales.  With the Qi3 Accelerator, businesses can hit the ground running without the expense of additional staff, consultants or equity partners.”

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