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PPARC Medical Optics Industry workshop, London 25.9.2001

Article for PPARC Industry web site to promote Medical Optics Industry workshop PPARC Medical Optics Industry workshop, London 25.9.2001 The fifth in PPARC’s series of workshops to promote business partnerships will be on the topic of optical systems for the Medical Equipment Industry. A number of technologies have been developed at PPARC research groups, which are of relevance to medical equipment. In this workshop we shall be addressing optics technologies, including:

* Optical systems
* Adaptive optics
* Data acquisition
* Image analysis systems

This workshop provides industry and other research groups with an opportunity to consider how these technologies may be applied in medical applications such as:

* Optical and ophthalmic equipment
* Medical imaging equipment incorporating optics
* Surgical equipment with optical guidance

The objectives of the workshop are:

* To provide a forum for developing closer links between the UK academic groups involved in relevant optics, electronics and software research and technology development and the UK medical optics equipment industry.

To explore real industry requirements, which could be satisfied by PPARC research groups Topics to be covered in the workshop will include:

* Optical technologies available from PPARC research groups
* Clinical requirements for advanced optical systems Technology requirements of the medical optics industry in the UK
* Support for business and partnerships between industry and academia in this area.
* Presentations will include advice on our support for technology transfer and partnership development between PPARC research groups and industry.

PPARC believes that this event will provide an excellent networking opportunity for members of the UK industrial and academic Medical optics communities. In particular the workshop will benefit those interested in the supply of allied technologies for research and industrial applications, and will enable individual groups to showcase their technology and to share views. Nathan Hill, PPARC’s Industry Co-ordinator said: “following the success of our recent conference on PPARC and CERN technologies for Medical Imaging, I am looking forward to participating in this optics-specific event. We have a range of participants and speakers involved in clinical ophthalmology and optical imaging systems, together with some of the best academic groups in the country presenting their optical systems technologies. This should provide a super opportunity for physicists, clinicians and those in industry to share optics technologies”.

For an invitation to this event, please contact Nathan Hill on 01223 304568, email nathan.hill@qi3.co.uk

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