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PPARC Healthcare Technology Forum – The Future of Medical Imaging & Radiotherapy

Qi3 is pleased to announce that this year’s main PPARC KITE Club event to promote interaction with the healthcare community will be held at the Institute of Physics in London on Thursday 28th of April 2005.

The objective of this workshop is to showcase successful partnerships and stimulate new activity between physics and engineering groups and healthcare companies and researchers for outcomes in medical imaging and radiotherapy, with a particular emphasis on diagnosis and therapy for cancer.

The forum should be of interest to companies in the healthcare equipment sector, medical physicists and clinical researchers, engineers, physicists and IT specialists with an interest in medical imaging and radiotherapy. It offers a rare opportunity for industrialists and academics engaged in these areas to network, compare needs and capabilities, and explore possibilities for collaboration.

EPSRC, the Medical Research Council, the Institute of Physics, the Department of Health, the Medical Devices Faraday Partnership, the Smart Optics Faraday Partnership, the IEE Healthcare Technologies Professional Network, and the Institute of Physics and Engineering have all kindly agreed to support this workshop.

Registration is free at www.qi3.co.uk/healthcare, and we are encouraging people to bring technical posters and display material to showcase their interests in this area.

The workshop will be comprised of the following five sessions, with an accompanying Technology Exchange:

  • The state of the industry and technology challenges in medical imaging, radiotherapy and new imaging modalities
  • Case studies of collaboration between researchers from the PPARC, EPSRC and CERN communities and healthcare companies and researchers
  • Keynote address on technology requirements for cancer diagnosis and therapy in the NHS
  • Technology pitches from groups seeking partners and funding
  • Panel discussion on the future of medical imaging and radiotherapy in the UK

Further information on this meeting, including a provisional programme, is available at: www.pparc.ac.uk/in/htf_invite.asp

Qi3 is organising this workshop as Industry Coordinator for the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC), as part of ongoing work to increase the level of collaborations between the physics community and UK industry and academia.

Qi3 has built a reputation for effective ‘technology translation’ between public and private sectors, and the spinout creation / licensing of a variety of technologies. As the Industry Coordinator for PPARC Qi3 helps UK businesses benefit from the diverse range of technologies developed by the PPARC community.

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