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Optics firm ZEEKO continues to flourish

In the period of 1999 – 2001, we provided management, sales and marketing support to a spin out company in its development stage. This spin out company was a young ZEEKO. Thus we are pleased to hear of the recent run of success they are experiencing.

ZEEKO marked the opening of the Optatec 2002 Show in Frankfurt with two exciting announcements:

They have just been awarded a contract to supply the Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China, with an IRP 1000 robotic polishing machine, along with an advanced commitment by this same Institute to be the first commercial customer for the ZEEKO 3-D “Precessions” software for the polishing of free-form optics.

ZEEKO also announced the introduction of the new AII aspheric polisher – the first product to result from a co-operation between themselves and Loh Optikmaschinen AG of Wetzlar, Germany.

ZEEKO will continue to manufacture machines for all specialist applications, as well as machines for larger optic requirements of up to 3 metres in diameter. Whilst Loh will add ZEEKO’s standard polisher to its dedicated product range, with manufacturing taking place in their Wetzler facilities.

We are particularly pleased to hear of ZEEKO’s order to supply the Harbin Institute, China, as this was one of 50 potential prospects qualified and worked upon by Qi3.

We also provided numerous other support activities for ZEEKO including the pioneering of early sales (we initiated the first two product sales Zeeko experienced), representation for the company at several conferences as well as at meetings with potential investors, and the production of marketing communication strategies and materials.

We would like to wish ZEEKO every success in the future and hope that they continue to flourish.

Further information on the services we provided to ZEEKO can be found in the relevant case study.

If you are interested in exploring ZEEKO further, the technical and corporate web pages can be found at http://www.zeeko.co.uk

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