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New ESA SpaceSpinoff Award

A new SpaceSpinoff Award will be granted for the first time in 2009 to honour representatives of space transfer parties which generated a space technology transfer of extraordinary success due to its economic impact, with environmental or societal benefits. The award is targeted to all individuals, companies and institutions which have been involved as a donor and/or receiver in a space technology transfer with remarkable success.

ESA is asking for nominations from individuals, established space and non-space enterprises, start-up companies, and research and science institutions.   A panel of experts composed of representatives of the ESA Technology Transfer Network members and ESA will screen the nominations submitted and will choose the final prize winner. The winner will be honoured in the SpaceSpinoff Award Ceremony on the occasion of ESA’s participation in the Hanover Fair 2009 in the period 20 – 24 April 2009.

For more information please see http://www.technology-forum.com/index.php?id=125

Qi3 is the UK node of the ESA Technology Transfer Network.  We are able to provide support in generating new space technology transfers, making these applications and project management / associated market research if required. We recommend that anyone interested in the SpaceSpinoff Award should submit their entry as soon as possible. UK applicants may submit their nomination via the link above and should also send a copy to Nathan Hill at Nathan.hill@qi3.co.uk.

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