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New ESA funding opportunity for small space technology transfer projects

The ESA Technology Transfer Promotion Office is looking for ideas for small space technology transfer oriented projects with funding of about 50, 000. These projects should result in hardware developments and/or software developments, but not in paper studies.

Anyone with an idea for such a project, should sketch out their proposal on 1 page A4, describing briefly the space origin of the technology to be adapted to non-space applications, the work for the (further) development, and the anticipated result of the project. The projects will be granted on a first-come-first-served-principle.

Qi3 is the UK node of the ESA Technology Transfer Network. We are able to provide support in making these applications and project management / associated market research if required. Anyone interested in this short-term opportunity, should email Nathan Hill in the first instance at Nathan.hill@qi3.co.uk and then draft their 1-page outline as soon as possible.

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