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New “TopCat” Technology Topic Catalysis Meetings to be held for the RCUK Basic Technology Programme

Qi3 is pleased to announce the introduction of “TopCat” Technology Topic Catalysis Meetings for the RCUK Basic Technology Programme

The RCUK Basic Technology Programme is holding a series of small meetings around technology themes where a science need or underpinning technology has been identified. The purpose is to stimulate community interaction with the objective of receiving proposals to the Basic Technology programme in these areas.

The first 4 meetings will be held at the MRC in London on the following topics:

High Resolution Biology
London, 6th April 2005
This could include new imaging technologies, specimen preparation and stabilisation, separation and mass determination techniques, and high resolution in vivo imaging, etc.
Register your interest in this meeting at: www.qi3.co.uk/HiResBio
Contact Mark Davison, mark.davison@qi3.co.uk

Environmental Monitoring
London, 27th April 2005
This may include sensor development, instrumentation for particulate size/sampling, water quality/pollution, and imaging etc.
Register your interest in this meeting at: www.qi3.co.uk/EnviroMonitoring
Contact Ken Green, ken.green@qi3.co.uk

Biological Sensing and signs of Life
London, 25th May 2005
This may include technologies for astrobiology, and the detection of living organisms in various terrestrial environments, and concepts on implantable devices for health monitoring.
Register your interest in this meeting at: www.qi3.co.uk/BioSensing
Contact Mark Davison, mark.davison@qi3.co.uk

London, 24th June 2005
This may include mechanical cryocoolers, superconducting sensors, electron microscopy, and cryogenics etc.
Register your interest in this meeting at: www.qi3.co.uk/Cryogenics
Contact Ken Green, ken.green@qi3.co.uk

If you are interested in working in these areas you should contact Ken Green on Tel: +44 (0)1223 422407 or register your interest at the links provided.

Further information on the Basic Technology programme can be found at: www.rcuk.ac.uk/basictech/news/index.asp

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