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Minister for Science & Innovation Praises the Work of Qi3

Lord Sainsbury, Minister for Science and Innovation, made the following comments on Qi3’s work during two speeches at recent conferences in London.

“I have also been most encouraged by the excellent work being undertaken by Qi3 on behalf of CERN and PPARC. This government-funded programme has been an excellent model of how high-level science, innovation, knowledge transfer & commercial opportunity can all come together. “
“Technology Opportunities from CERN: the impact of Big Physics on Industry” Meeting London, 16th September 2004

“I have been impressed by PPARC’s UK Technology Transfer programme, led by Nathan Hill of Qi3. The programme helps UK companies build partnerships with CERN, and Qi3 recently coordinated a DTI Global Watch Mission to CERN to investigate Distributed Application Systems. This work is of vital importance, helping us keep UK industry informed about developments that we can learn from, opening up channels of communication and technology transfer.”
“Event at HM treasury, London 12th October 2004

Robin Higgons of Qi3 said “We are very pleased with the endorsement and recognition that Lord Sainsbury has shown towards the Technology Transfer work we undertake on behalf of PPARC (The Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council) & CERN (The European Particle Physics Laboratory). However this is just one element of the work we do in creating commercial value from technology and intellectual property.

We also work with multinational corporations, SMEs and start-up companies, the other Research Councils, and other public organisations such as the Regional Development Agencies. We have built a reputation for effective market exploitation of new or maturing technologies and technical products, as well as for spinout creation, licensing, and sales and marketing for high-tech corporations.”

If you would like to know more about Qi3, further information is available at: www.qi3.co.uk, or Tel: +44 (0)1223 422404 for a confidential discussion.

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