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Keep your sales moving through the recession with Qi3

Qi3’s unique Value Added Commercial Management with Enthusiasm! (VACME!) service offers companies the resource to keep business development moving apace as the recession deepens.

VACME! services include technology sourcing, brokering new strategic partnerships, product-market research, product launches, enterprise-level sales and marketing communications strategy.

Put simply, you can use Qi3 in place of a permanent full time marketing/product manger. The VACME! service is ideal for companies at transitional stages, when a new market is to be addressed, a product launched, distribution channels or sales staff changed. We often provide a service for 6-24 months, with a level of effort supplemented by bursts of activity around trade shows and staff recruitment.

We are also experts in understanding government support for innovation and regularly help our clients to access new development partners and innovation finance

For an initial consultation on how Qi3 can help your business call Nathan Hill on 020 3167 4264 or Robin Higgons on 01223 422404.

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