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Qi3 Accelerator Selected as Partner for the ideaSpace Enterprise Accelerator Funding Programme

Qi3 Accelerator has been selected as a partner by the ideaSpace Enterprise Accelerator, which is delivered by Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing. The company was selected for one of four partnership awards from twenty applicants in this year’s programme.

Qi3 Accelerator is the recently established investment arm of Cambridge and London-based sales and marketing specialists Qi3.  Founded in 1999, Qi3 provides hands-on sales, marketing and strategic skills to technology corporations and smaller high-growth potential businesses.Qi3 Accelerator supports companies by rapidly commercialising their products and achieving early sales. Qi3 Accelerator is suitable for entrepreneurs who know that they need expert and enthusiastic input from commercial and engineering people in addition to financial capital.

The Qi3 Accelerator proposition is unusual, in that it offers both funds and a significant technical and commercial expert resource (our Technical Panel) which contributes to the evaluation of prospective investments. Post-investment, our cash is backed by hands-on support from this team for the entrepreneurs.  This accelerates the business to its first sales ‘Accelerate to Market’ or to develop rapid sales growth ‘Accelerate to Growth’ faster than it could otherwise achieve.  Our support is primarily sales, marketing, technical and strategic, whilst we provide access to other requirements such as financial, legal and Intellectual Property management.

The Qi3 Accelerator team is led by investors Nathan Hill, Paul Anson and Tim de Vere Green. Investment evaluation is undertaken by Alex Cubitt, Jane Leeks and others from the Qi3 team together with the expertise of the Technical Panel.

The partnership programme with ideaSpace Enterprise Accelerator will test Qi3 Accelerator’s new model for hands-on business acceleration for high value manufacturing, engineering and instrumentation enterprises. It will include support for entrepreneurs in understanding the gaps in their propositions, and for investors in understanding in which areas support should be concentrated.  Numerous entrepreneurs will be assisted through the programme, which will be an active partnership between Qi3 Accelerator and ideaSpace Enterprise Accelerator.

Commenting on the partnership, Qi3 Accelerator CEO Nathan Hill said

“The gap between technical concept and entrepreneurial delivery is well-known.  There are countless good ideas, but they need money and experienced management to achieve market traction.  We’ve been developing a new model to support engineering and technology businesses, and made a few investments so far.  This partnership with ideaSpace will provide us with a superb impetus to ruggedise our model and test it live by supporting a number of entrepreneurs in the process”

For further information, please contact Nathan Hill.

ideaSpace, part of the University of Cambridge Hauser Forum, aims to foster an inspiring culture and enabling environment for innovations with potential global impact. Through its Enterprise Accelerator programme, ideaSpace has an integrating role in the development of national and local innovation and enterprise policy. Partners include enterprise hubs, innovation clusters, science parks and incubators, working together to create the resources needed to influence policy to help generate growth. For more information, please see www.ideaspace.cam.ac.uk

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