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Final Five Selected for High Value Manufacturing Bootcamp

28 June 2012 – Qi3 Accelerator is pleased to announce the final five companies for the July HVM bootcamp.  This follows fierce competition through the selection process.

1) Omnisense – Wireless Sensor Network products with unparalleled ability to track and monitor position and behaviour, indoors and outdoors.

2) Inova Power – Hydrogen platform technologies that are sustainable, secure, for transport, marine, defence and instrumentation applications.

3) Zinir – Novel monolithic chip-based and solo spectroscopy for environmental, medical and laboratory applications.

4) Croft Engineering Services – Energy saving filters for motor racing, oil & gas and industrial applications.

5) Drop-Tech – Automated screening system for detection in nanolitre assay volumes to revolutionise the way in which drugs are validated and characterised.

The chosen companies come from across the UK – they deploy a variety of advanced engineering and manufacturing disciplines, four being from the instrumentation sector and the one in the energy market. The focus has been on early stage to established businesses, rather than pure concepts.

Qi3 Accelerator remains on the look-out for new investment opportunities in the High Value Manufacturing / Advanced Engineering sector.

Sponsors and supporters have welcomed the shortlist announcement. Qi3 Accelerator acknowledges our headline sponsors Qi3 and IdeaSpace, as well as Williams Powell, Harrison Clark Solicitors, Synergy Energy and Wren Capital. NESTA, the Technology Strategy Board and CIR Strategy have provided active support.

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