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Communications, computing and healthcare – learn how to work with Scotland’s top scientists

In a move to broaden the appeal of the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) workshops for industry, delegates are looking forward to the first regional workshop. “Communications, computing and healthcare – learn how to work with Scotland’s top scientists”, will be held at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre in Edinburgh on 17th April 2002, which is the primary focus of ground based astronomy technology development within the UK. Keynote speeches will be given by Ian Ritchie, Scottish software entrepreneur, Director of Scottish Enterprise and PPARC Council Member. Several Scottish companies have already spun out of PPARC funded research in Scotland, and others collaborate with research groups to develop new products and enhance business performance. The meeting will include discussion of a range of technologies developed at the six PPARC-funded universities in Scotland. The meeting will cover two broad industry sectors:

  • Communications, computing and IT: this is a key sector of the Scottish economy, and overlaps with the equally important aspects of defence and aerospace. Technologies to be covered will include optics and sensing, data mining and signal processing
  • Medical Equipment and life sciences: medical imaging with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) are testament to the ability of technologies developed for “big physics” becoming viable in healthcare. Workshop topics will include medical imaging and radiotherapy, adaptive optics and biomedical imaging.

Discussion will include support from PPARC for industry partnerships, including two recently announced Faraday Partnerships in “Smart Optics” and “High Power RF Engineering”, both of which have a strong presence in Scotland. Business briefings on data mining and Information Technology will include an update on the national e-science programme from the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, which has recently been awarded the management of the National e-Science Centre, a collaboration between Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities. This Scottish Industry Workshop is organised by PPARC with the support of Scottish Enterprise, Electronics Scotland and the Scottish Optoelectronics Association. For further information and to receive an invitation to attend this event, please contact David Rafe at 01223 304568, email david.rafe@qi3.co.uk

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