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Brokering Meeting for Grid Computing Technologies

Qi3 is pleased to announce that registration for the PPARC Kite Club “CERN Industry Grid Computing” brokering meeting is now open. The meeting will be taking place at St. John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge on the 16th May 2006.

Registration for this meeting is free but spaces are limited. If you are interested please contact Alex Efimov at alex.efimov@qi3.co.uk“>alex.efimov@qi3.co.uk

To register go to: www.qi3.co.uk/events/Gridmeeting/index.asp

Grid computing and its associated technologies provide tools for storage, manipulation and processing of the very large and complex data sets associated with the next generation of computing requirements in physics, earth sciences, defence, manufacturing and pharmaceutical research.

The aim of this brokering meeting will be to bring scientists from grid projects, such as EGEE and GridPP, and people from the Cambridge business community for an open discussion of technology transfer opportunities in this field.

The meeting will include short talks on technology developments and industry requirements from leading academic groups and companies respectively, and briefings on collaborative development opportunities.

The meeting runs from 9.30am -2pm with time and refreshments allocated to networking after.

It also provides an opportunity to learn about PPARC funding schemes for collaborative projects.

CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory, is leading the EU-funded Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) project, which provides a seamless, world-wide Grid infrastructure for e-Science. Starting from the two pilot application domains, high-energy physics and biomedicine, EGEE has expanded its user community to applications from a wide range of scientific fields.

More information on this technology can be found at: http://public.eu-egee.org/

GridPP is a collaboration of particle physicists and computer scientists from the UK and CERN. They are building a distributed computing Grid across the UK for particle physicists. At the moment there is a working particle physics Grid across 17 UK institutions.

More information about this project can be found at: www.gridpp.ac.uk/

This brokering meeting is part of ongoing work to ensure that industry is aware of these technologies, and has every opportunity to share in their development and exploitation.

Qi3 has built a reputation for effective ‘technology translation’ between public and private sectors, and the spinout creation / licensing of a variety of technologies. As the Industry Coordinator for PPARC Qi3 helps UK businesses benefit from the diverse range of technologies developed by the PPARC community. For more information about Qi3 please visit the website www.qi3.co.uk.

If you would like to know more about this meeting, or the technologies mentioned above, please feel free to contact Alex Efimov at: Tel: +44 (0)1223 422411 or Email: alex.efimov@qi3.co.uk

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