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2004-09-20: Qi3 speaks at EPAC’04 on the fundamentals of technology transfer

Nathan Hill, Managing Director of Qi3, recently had the privilege of speaking at the ninth European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC’04) in Lucerne, Switzerland. Nathan, as part of his role as UK Technology Transfer Coordinator for CERN (The European Particle Physics Laboratory), was invited to speak about the fundamentals of technology transfer.

EPAC is the main European conference for those engaged in accelerator science. The scientific programme consists of invited talks, specially selected oral contributions, poster presentations and a major industrial exhibition. This conference is world-renowned and has previously taken place in Rome, Nice, Berlin, London, Sitges, Stockholm, Vienna and Paris.

Approximately 800 delegates from more than 30 countries participated in this 5-day conference. Over 1000 posters were on display, and 65 presentations were made by speakers from across the world.

Nathan’s talk entitled ‘Methods for Successful Technology Transfer in Physics’ was part of a special session set-aside for Technology Transfer and for Industry. His talk covered the methods developed for the UK Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) and applied on behalf of CERN, to encourage successful knowledge transfer into industry. Case studies were also supplied to illustrate the hurdles that must be surmounted, and effective methods to build successful partnerships, licensing opportunities and spinout companies.

Qi3 has built a reputation for effective ‘technology translation’ between public and private sectors, and the spinout creation / licensing of a variety of technologies.

Nathan Hill said, “With our reputation as experts in technology commercialisation, and hands on sales and marketing for high-tech companies and government research laboratories / universities we are often asked to participate, speak at, or lead various conferences. In fact I was recently invited as a plenary speaker at the International Patent Licensing Seminar in Tokyo where I gave a talk on ‘The Challenge of Commercialising Technology from Higher Education Institutions’.”

Further information on EPAC’04 is available at http://oraweb03.cern.ch:9000/pls/epac04/toc.htm including the full programme, and downloadable papers and presentations.

A copy of Nathan’s talk is available as a downloadable PDF here.

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