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Programmatic Knowledge Exchange

Our world-leading higher education sector is a critical element of the innovation ecosystem, with the potential to significantly contribute to future UK growth and recovery. Implementation of efficient Knowledge Exchange (KE) programmes is crucial to maximise the impact of the commercialisation process.

With increased focus on research outcomes and pathways to impact, many institutions use a theme-based approach; combining the expertise from many disciplines to focus on a single theme.  In response to the current restriction in funding for KE, Qi3 has developed a flexible and focused new approach to addressing KE challenges.

These programmes can be used in a modular format – as a structured programme with three phases, which can be run as an integrated programme or as separate elements; customising our approach to accurately reflect customers’ requirements.

Qi3 has expertise in building communities of organisations with a common interest in innovation in specific areas. This can take the form of a 1 to 3 year programme building industry awareness, engagement, and exploitation for thematically grouped needs and technologies relevant to your academics. To read more, click here.

Qi3 can review your portfolio of technologies and provide a systematic ranking of market attractiveness.   We identify the main drivers in a particular sector and produce a scorecard to determine how a given technology matches the market needs.  This allows an independent assessment of the most promising technologies to focus on and help to conserve limited budgets of IP management. To read more, click here.

Sometimes, in-depth research into market / application needs, current approaches, and new solutions, can help identify drivers for adoption, reduce barriers to acceptance, and support the financial case for implementation of specific innovations. Qi3 has a proven methodology (Technology Market Evaluation) which can be applied to specific innovation opportunity areas, providing relevant sector information, from both innovation suppliers and adopters, to inform and guide further interventional activities. So far, Qi3 has completed over 150 such assignments for Universities and Industry, both in the UK and abroad. To read more, click here.

Other examples can be found in our case studies.

We are keen to talk to other Universities to discuss how our approach can help to further your KE aims.

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