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Knowledge Exchange

Qi3 is uniquely positioned to help universities, Research Councils, and other sponsors to maximise the commercial and economic impact of academic research.

We have considerable experience of designing and delivering Knowledge Exchange programmes, in performance evaluation and in supporting the cultural shift of academic research towards recognising a variety of legitimate pathways to impact of civil and defence research.  Examples of our work include:

  • Delivering Programmatic Knowledge Exchange, based around a cohort of research activities
  • Delivering Thematic Knowledge Exchange based around a science theme or industry sectors, or acting as the UK representative for international organisations
  • Evaluating performance of Research Council, University and International Organisation Knowledge Exchange schemes
  • Developing individual spinouts, licenses and collaborative R&D prospects
  • Brokering and supporting tens of millions of pounds of collaborative projects

Portfolio Evaluation

  • Portfolio Review: Rank and sift institute IP portfolios according to market potential, and prioritise Knowledge Exchange opportunities
  • Strategy: Create programme strategy and performance metrics to maximise success

Technology Mining

  • Opportunity Mining: Work with academic research groups to identify new seams of Knowledge Exchange opportunity on an institute or cohort basis
  • Awareness Raising: Improve culture and awareness, establish pathways to impact

Market Research

  • Market Research: Identify markets and potential partners for specific research outcomes such as IP, technology, algorithms, or databases
  • Preparation for Brokering: Prepare examples/case studies, map innovation attitudes of relevant companies

Community Building

  • Building Networks: Build networks with other relevant organisations (KTNs, RTOs, Catapults, Industry Assoications)
  • Broad Brokering:  Publicity, organise brokering events, workshops & focus groups

Partnership Building

  • Specific Partnerships: Broker specific collaborations with companies and organisations. Persuade companies to actively engage in clusters
  • Support: Support application preparation to maximise sucess rates, and identify relevant innovation funding programmes

Performance Evaluation

  • Performance Evaluation: Analyse and report on Knowledge Exchange programme performance. Recommend improvements and design new interventions
  • Metrics: Identify range of metrics that measure success and progress to objectives
  • Monitor: Monitor pipeline other engagement metrics to maintain progress
  • Report: Report metrics and progress on quaterly basis

Our experience shows that the KE needs of individual organisations vary, and we tailor our well-established methodologies to produce the desired outcomes from our base of practical business experience.

Examples of our work can be found in our case studies.

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