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A Special Kind of Privilege

By Amir Mirza

Most Western countries today give privileges for certain kinds of confidential communications, such as those between a lawyer and client or a doctor and patient. It is worth considering why institutions like the United States Supreme Court have upheld these privileges. Without them there could not be a full and frank discussion or disclosure between a lawyer and a client, which would mean that the professional could not provide the best service and advice to a client.

Sometimes I’m inclined to think that the business world is not a million miles away from this kind of thinking. When a client seeks out marketing counsel for some new company initiative, they too need to be able to talk openly about strengths and weaknesses in their current strategy, technology or product portfolio. In the absence of real candid discussions a positive outcome becomes more difficult. The more a client shares, the better and more cost effective the service they are likely to receive. From a marketing counsel perspective we take very seriously client relationships and these confidences. It’s a privilege after all.


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