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A Bigger Slice of Space

By Robin Higgons

The space sector provides some great opportunities for traditional and new entrants to the supply chain.  It’s a market hungry for new technologies and engineering solutions. Recently, there have been a number of articles indicating that the space sector has a strong propensity for growth, highlighting that the global space market is forecasted to double by 2030. The UK space industry aims to double its share of the world market from 5%-10%, with revenues set to grow from £7.5bn in 2009 to £40bn by 2030.

This lucrative sector is split into two segments – upstream and downstream.

Upstream (satellite / launcher / ground station) opportunities include:

  • Deployment of new technologies in space
  • Critical technology capability (EU technology independence from US export regulation)
  • Improving delivery and operation of space systems (smarter, faster, cheaper)
  • Security of the supply chain

Downstream (satellite services) opportunities include:

  • Burgeoning market for services deriving part of their data from space assets
  • Consumer and B2B services
  • Location-based services
  • Integrated applications (combinations of data to form value-added services)

To learn more about the space sector and the overview of space opportunities, please contact us.

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