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A key government priority is to increase the value obtained from publicly funded activity, especially research. Our position operating at the interface of the public and private sectors gives us a unique insight into the opportunities available to both from greater interaction and engagement. For example, we can assist private companies in seizing the opportunities for supply to publicly funded bodies such as the large scientific research facilities or to obtain grant funding for R&D.

We can assist higher education institutions and technology companies to identify potential partners for collaboration. We identify barriers to innovation, and work to provide the structure to foster greater incentives for research and commercialisation of technology.

One of the principal mechanisms through which we seek to increase innovation and interaction between government-backed bodies and industry is by managing networks and giving members the opportunities to communicate at events, through news alerts and by making connections between organisations. We manage the Advanced Instrumentation group of the Electronics, Sensors, Photonics KTN.

Another mechanism by which we can support innovation and interaction is via individual projects such as Technology Market Evaluation’s (TME’s) where we are able to quickly access new Technology markets and guide development of business models and partnerships.


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