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Market Review of Technology Portfolios

University departments often have multiple research groups, each developing a range of technologies and tools to support their research. Some of these are suitable for further development and commercial exploitation, but will need further funding from Research Councils and industry to achieve this. However, many academics are not well placed to assess which of their technologies are suitable for further commercial exploitation and which are not.

In order to assist with this challenge, Qi3 has developed an integrated project structure to identify potentially commercialisable technologies within the Department, assess the strength of market potential, and identify funding bodies and companies with which to engage. The outputs of the programme are typically used for the following purposes:

  • To better understand which technologies or groups of technologies have the greatest potential for further funding under Research Council Follow-on Funding and other programmes, and guide the funding application strategy
  • To better understand which technologies or groups of technologies have the greatest potential to support the development of long-term relationships with industry and guide the industry engagement strategy
  • Guide programmes and promotional activities to promote engagement with Industry

Please view our case studies to see examples of our work.

Qi3 uses its proprietary methodologies in technology review, market research & testing, and strategy development to achieve these outputs. The programme also calls upon our extensive knowledge, contacts, and experience of a wide range of technologies, Research Councils strategies and programmes, and the likely markets for such technologies. A typical project may look like this:

Work Package Description
1 Kick-off
  • Gathering of information by the University and Qi3
  • Kick-off meeting and detailed project planning
2 Scoping and Review of Departmental Technologies
  • Discussions with academics to understand the IP, technologies and capabilities
  • Meeting with the University to discuss findings, recommendations, and next steps
3 Assessment of Markets and Commercial Engagement Opportunities
  • Desk research, discussions with Key Opinion Leaders, mining of Qi3’s knowledge base.
  • Report, strategy, and recommendations for the University on commercial engagement for identified technologies
4 Assessment of Research Council and other Funding Opportunities
  • Desk research and telephone interviews with funding bodies on relevant funding opportunities with Research Councils & other sources
  • Report, strategy and recommendations for the University on obtaining funding from Research Councils for identified technologies
5 Next Steps for the University
  • Project meeting to Review findings and discuss strategy options and practical next steps
  • Report summarising the findings and recommendations
  • Post Project mentoring (as needed on an occasional basis)

“Qi3 rapidly grasped the breadth and depth of the Department’s expertise and capabilities. Their analytical approach enabled us to clearly understand the’ value proposition’ that the department has to offer and the funding sources we should target to support the wider exploitation of our capabilities. Qi3’s recommendations will be invaluable as we take this programme forward.”

— Dr Ross Burgon, Open University

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