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Qi3 has established itself over the last 15 years as a unique bridge between research and industry, having managed a number of Knowledge Exchange programmes and projects in partnership with leading Universities, Research Institutes, and Research Councils. We help you make decisions quickly on your next steps in commercialising new technologies and maximizing Pathways to Impact.

Please view our case studies to see examples of our work for Universities and Research Councils.

“Qi3 rapidly grasped the breadth and depth of the Department’s expertise and capabilities. Their analytical approach enabled us to clearly understand the’ value proposition’ that the department has to offer and the funding sources we should target to support the wider exploitation of our capabilities. Qi3’s recommendations will be invaluable as we take this programme forward.”

— Dr Ross Burgon, Open University

Based on this extensive experience, Qi3 has developed a range of programmes that are designed to support University commercialisation and research staff by providing effective real-world market input and engagement in targeted and cost effective ways.

Ask the Experts
This service is tailored specifically for universities / institutions that need fast, cost effective insight before committing to more detailed commercial assessment and engagement activities. We gather inputs from selected leading domain experts and synthesise these with information from Qi3’s knowledge bank and experience to give a first pass assessment of the potential commercial opportunities and challenges for a specific technology or piece of IP.

Technology Market Evaluation (TME)
Qi3 has developed the TME methodology to assess and evaluate the potential applications and markets for a given technology or patent. Our strong technology background, combined with our sales and marketing experience gives added insights when answering the questions such as which markets to target, what are the drivers for adoption, who is the competition, and how to achieve early sales or licensing revenues.

Stimulating Market Driven Success in Spin-out Companies
Successful spin-out companies start with a deep understanding of market requirements. They are driven by “market pull” rather than “technology push”. Qi3 has a long track record of identifying market traction (who wants to buy), creating effective marketing strategies and “go-to-market” plans, supporting the raising of venture finance, driving to first sales, and preparing for successful exit.

Community Building – Thematic Knowledge Exchange Programmes
Qi3 has developed a structured programme of interlinking activities to bring together the expertise of several academic groups into a thematic knowledge exchange programme (without compromising the independence of the academics). It creates a compelling offering for industry, governments, and other target organisations, as the sum is greater than the individual parts.

Market Review of Technology Portfolios
University departments often have multiple research groups, each developing a range of technologies and tools to support their research. Many of these are suitable for further development and commercial exploitation, but will need additional funding from Research Councils and industry. Qi3 has developed an integrated project structure to assess which technologies have strongest market appeal and to identify the best funding sources to apply to.

Other Services
Other services delivered by Qi3 to Universities and Research Councils include:

  • Technology Mining
  • Partnership Building
  • Performance Evaluation

The programmes can be implemented individually, or in a modular format as part of an integrated programme. This enables us to customise our approach to addressing the different Pathways to Impact and commercialisation challenges facing individual Universities.

To discuss further how we can help you, please contact Robin Higgons.

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